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Loctite Extreme Epoxy

Features and Benefits

Just dropped your phone and need a quick repair? Look no further than Loctite Extreme Epoxy! This high-strength epoxy resin allows you to smooth surfaces and fill gaps fast. With an instant mix syringe and a cure speed of just one minute, this instant glue ensures that even the most challenging of jobs are completed on time.

Smooth surfaces and fill gaps fast with the high-strength epoxy 


Use the powerful glue to bond smooth surfaces and uneven gaps, with the instant mix syringe for automatic mixing. With a cure speed of just 1 minute, the durable instant glue ensures even the most challenging of jobs are completed on time. The glue ensures strong bonds on flexible and rigid materials including wood, metal, porcelain, stone, concrete, glass, leather, plastics* and even polystyrene. The epoxy adhesive promises persistent high-quality and long-lasting adhesion, enduring both indoor and outdoor environments with a weather- and water-resistant final bond.

  • Fast and strong: Easy to use with the instant mix syringe and one minute cure speed.
  • Clear: Dries clear allowing for a natural finish on a range of surfaces achieving a persistently high-quality bond, every time.
  • Multi-material: This strong adhesive performs well on most materials such as wood, metal, glass, textiles or plastics* and can be used on large surfaces. *(except PE/PP)
  • Highly resistant: Water, dishwasher, shock and extreme temperature resistance.

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