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Glue your glass

Glass glue: How to choose the best glue for glass

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Have you broken a glass or ceramic piece in your home? Our top-of-the-line glass glue is designed to fix several different kinds of glass. Gone are the days where broken glass ends up in the bin. Follow our simple guide and learn how to fix it!

Glue on glass
No need to throw away broken glass, with the right glass glue, you can easily fix it.

What glue to use on glass?

Glass is a beautiful and versatile material. It comes in many different forms and is used for a variety of everyday objects. There are different strengths of glass, but no matter the variety, glass of every kind is fragile and can easily be broken.

If your glass shatters, then a repair job might not be an option. However, if you have clean breaks, then all you need is the right glass adhesive and your glass can be glued.

Commonly asked questions:

Here are some commonly asked questions about gluing glass.

  • Q: “Can you glue glass together?” A: Yes of course! Loctite has a variety of glass glue that can bind several surfaces like mirrors, car glass, antique china, appliances, and much more.
  • Q: “Does any super glue work on glass?”. A: While you can use standard super glue for glass, the adhesive properties might not be specially formulated for a glass surface. This could leave you with a less than ideal hold. It’s better to choose an adhesive formulated specifically for glass.

Choosing the best glass glue

In order to choose the best glass glue, first you need to know what kind of glass you’re gluing and what kind of exposure it will receive from things like the weather.

For outside use or bigger jobs, you need a strong hold that’s resistant to the elements. Find something that is also UV and water resistant in order to make it weatherproof. From garden gnomes, to windows – with the right glue you can fix them all.

If you want to bond glass to glass or glass to metal, Loctite Super Glue Glass is the glue you need: As it dries transparent, it leaves invisible bonds that will even work with tinted, stained and crystal glass. It is water and dishwasher resistant and dries in seconds.

cracked windows
Not every glass object can be saved, but most cracks can be fixed with the right glue.

How to best prepare your glass for glue

Repairing delicate glass not only requires a steady hand, there are other tricks of the trade that you should know before getting started. Here’s how to get dazzling results with your glass glue.

  • Have your tools handy. Gather everything you need before you get started, this will save you from running around later with half glued glass. To get the job right the first time, you’ll need glass glue, glass cleaner, and a straight razor in case you need to clear away any glue residue when you’re finished.
  • Tidy up the glass. Make sure the glass is completely free from dirt, oil or any other substance that could compromise the hold.
  • Test the fit. Place the glass pieces together and make sure they fit. Loctite glass glues are gap filling and will fill any tiny spaces you might have due to missing small shards. 

How to glue broken glass

From here, gluing the glass is simple!

  1. Open glue: Open the glue according to the package instructions. Keep the glue upright to avoid spillages.
  2. Application: Using minimum force, squeeze a small amount of glass glue onto one of the surfaces you’re fixing. To avoid overflow, take care not to administer too much glue. 
  3. Hold in place: Press the glass pieces together, try to be precise when placing the glass together. You will have about 60 seconds before the bond sets, depending on the glue. Hold the glass pieces together firmly for 60 seconds until the bond has set. 
  4. Cure times: Cure times vary, check the package instructions to be sure. After the bond strength has fully cured, you’re free to use your glass again! 
  5. Tidy up: If you’ve made a mess of the glue and it’s in unwanted places, use a damp cloth to wipe away the glue. If the glue has already dried, work it free with a box cutter. If you’re working with delicate glass, take care to not scratch and damage the surface!

Products used

  • Loctite SuperGlue Glass Packshot

    LOCTITE Glass Bond: Perfect for glass repairs! Bonds glass to glass, metal, stained, and tinted glass. Dries transparent for invisible, strong bonds.

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