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Click on the links below for the answers to commonly asked questions. If the information cannot be found, please contact the Loctite team directly for expert guidance.

Convenient and versatile for small repairs. The main active ingredient of super glue is cyanocrylate, a solvent-free acrylic resin that forms an instant, strong bond between materials.

Moisture is everywhere in the surrounding air. Therefore, most objects have a thin layer of moisture on their surface. As Super glue activates by forming long, strong chemical chains when coming into contact with that moisture.
This binds the two surfaces together almost immediately.

Liquid describes the texture of the super glue. Gel super glue does not drip and therefore is ideal for vertical application and for porous surfaces. They both dry quickly to form a strong transparent bond.

1. Soak the glue bottle in hot water for 1 minute.
2. If it still sticks, wipe around the cap with nail polish remover containing acetone.

Use Loctite's advanced formula flexible glue, Powerflex. Contains rubber particles for flexible and porous materials.

Most surfaces are not smooth. Glues fill the gaps, building a bridge between the 2 surfaces and then hardens due to the moisture in the air keeping the bond together.

1. After use, immediately wipe the tip with a damp cloth or Loctite's Glue Remover and replace the lid tightly.
2. Store upright in a cool, dry place.

Cyanoacrylate - an acrylic resin that reacts to form tight chains between two materials being bonded when it comes into contact with moisture in the air.

Loctite's non-drip gel and flexible super glues are ideal for bonding porous materials together such as wood, paper, leather and fabric.

1. Wipe the affected area with a cloth dipped in acetone or nail varnish remover contatining acetone.
2. Wipe the affected area with Loctite's Glue Remover.

The general rule is 1 drop per square inch. Less is more - excessive glue makes a weaker bond.

1. Surfaces should be clean of oil, dirt, dust or grease and completely dry.
2. Lightly sand surfaces to roughen smooth surfaces for better adhesion.

Tube: Universal applications

Control: Easy grip squeeze bottle gives better control.

Brush: Built in brush for easy spreading over larger or uneven surfaces.

Precision: Extra long nozzle for pin point precision applications on hard to reach places and small spaces. Non-drip.