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Loctite Extreme Non Drip Glue

Features and Benefits

Repair, fix and save with the convenient & multi-purpose Loctite Super Glue 20g!

Have you just dropped a precious vase? Or have the children broken their favourite toy? Loctite Super Glue has everything covered. It helps you to easily handle any kind of small daily repair job around the house! Providing instant strength, transparent drying technology and an anti-clog cap, this power glue ensures durable, long-lasting and invisible repairs. This practical and transparent glue works on a variety of materials– from wood, rubber, plastic and more – it even works as a leather glue*.Thanks to the precise nozzle, this multi purpose glue is very easy to useand can be simply applied to the smallest surfaces. This repair glue not only promises extra strength repairs but is also shock resistant and serves as a waterproof glue and a heatproof glue, proving reliable for a huge range of requirements and users. 

Before applying, ensure the surfaces you want to bond are clean, dry and close-fitting. Lightly dampen porous surfaces for better adhesion. Simply remove the cap and apply a small quantity of the liquid glue to one surface, press surfaces together immediately and hold them in place until the bond sets. That broken vase will be as good as new in no time at all!

The Product Benefits at a Glance:
•Instant strength in a drop
•Dries transparent for invisible repairs
•Multi-material: metal, leather, china, rubber, wood, plastic* etc.!
•Anti-clog cap & precise nozzle
•Water, dishwasher, shock & temperature resistant
•Technology: Cyanoacrylate liquid formula
•Colour: Transparent
•Format: 1 x 20g Tube

  • CLEAR: The all-purpose glue dries clear , allowing a natural finish on a range of surfaces achieving a persistently high-quality bond, every time.
  • FLEXIBLE: This all-purpose glue containts technology that allows the glue to cover a range of materials
  • IDEAL FOR LARGE AREAS: All-Purpose glue that will fit a range of your needs, as able to spread over a large surface area

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Loctite Extreme Non Drip Glue