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Gorgeous gardens

Green thumb not required: Ideas for handmade garden crafts

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Want to make your garden stand out? Whether you’re hosting an event or looking for year-round decoration, garden crafts are the solution. This guide will show you how to make garden decorations that are low-budget, easy and fun to make.

Quick and easy garden crafts

A green thumb or technical expertise aren’t necessary to create beautiful garden arts and crafts. All you need is some basic materials and creative inspiration.

So, if you’re wondering how to make garden art or decorations, try starting with something simple. For example:

  • Handmade or painted bird feeders
  • DIY hanging planters using upcycled materials like jars, bottles, boxes and baskets
  • Stepping stones made out of decorated tiles
  • Plant markers made out of corks, spoons, pegs, pebbles, shells, or any other materials that can be labelled or decorated
  • Painted rocks to brighten up flower beds. Try painting rocks to resemble strawberries - they’ll keep birds and pests away from your plants!

How to make garden decorations: Step by step

Here are two simple, step-by-step guides for making garden arts and crafts.

How to make bunting

There are many ways to make bunting, but the following method is one of the simplest DIY garden decorations – no sewing required!

  1. Choose your fabric. Look for colours and patterns that will look good in your garden. Consider alternating colours or patterns for each flag. Make sure you have enough of the fabric to create a decent length of bunting.
  2. Make a template. Use a pencil, ruler and scissors to create a triangular paper template. The template should have neat, even lines.
  3. Create your flags. Pin the paper template onto your chosen fabric. Cut out the flag neatly, using pinking shears or fabric scissors. Repeat the process until you have around 10 flags (or more).
  4. Prepare your bunting. Arrange the flags along the line; you can use ribbon, twine or bias binding tape as a line. Decide if you want each flag to touch, or if you prefer a space of a few inches between flags. Remember to leave at least 15 inches of space on the end of each line, so you can hang up the bunting.
  5. Stick the flags in place. You can sew the flags onto the line if you like, but we recommend using a thin line of Loctite Super Glue Creative Pen. It’s quicker, easier and more resistant. It also dries in just a few seconds.

Your bunting is now ready to hang!

How to make a mini garden

Garden crafts are a great way to get children into gardening. Start them young, and start small!

  1. Decorate the surface of a plant pot (optional). Use a large plant pot – plastic or terracotta. Get the children involved in painting the surface.
  2. Fill the plant pot with soil. Plant some seeds – colourful flowers or herbs.
  3. Decorate the mini garden. You could use a small wooden birdhouse as the centerpiece, then add any other decorations to the surface of the soil. Pretty gemstones, pebbles, shells, pinwheels, and small ornaments all look great. You could even add a sprinkling of glitter.

Now you’ve sparked your child’s imagination, plus hopefully an interest in gardening... Just make sure you leave room for the plant to grow, and rearrange the mini garden every now and then if necessary.

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