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Christmas cheer is here

Indoor Christmas window decorations for a cosy Christmas

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To make your Christmas even cosier, why not make your own Christmas window decorations? We’ll show you where to start, with DIY Christmas window decoration ideas and step-by tutorials.


Here’s how to make festive garlands as indoor Christmas window decorations. They’re very easy to make, and you can use decorations you already have at home, such as baubles or stockings.

1. Get ready. Clear your workspace and collect all of the things you need.

2. Measure your window. Using a tape measure or a long piece of string, measure the width of your window and work out where you will fix or hang your Christmas window decorations.

3. Cut your main piece of string or ribbon to size. Measure it out and cut it with a pair of scissors.

4. Mark out places to hang your decorations. Lay out your long piece of string and mark out places where you could hang your chosen decorations.  

5. Cut more string or ribbon into pieces. These pieces will be used to hang your decorations so decide if you want them all to be the same size or if you want your decorations to be hung at various different lengths. Cut the pieces accordingly.

6. Glue the string pieces onto the marked areas. Using a strong super glue, like Loctite Super Glue Brush On for larger areas or Loctite Super Glue Liquid Precision for smaller areas, attach one end of each small piece of string onto the main piece of string in the marked areas. Check the instructions on the glue and leave to dry as long as required.

7. Attach the decorations. Thread the smaller pieces of string through the loops on your chosen decorations and glue the other end of the string onto the top to make a loop. Leave to dry.

8. Hang up your Christmas window decorations. Using a step ladder and a helper, put your window decorations up.

More DIY Christmas window decoration ideas

As you can see, it’s so easy to make your own Christmas window decorations. Here are some other simple ideas:

  • Decorate your garlands by twisting some tinsel around them.
  • Put up fairy lights behind your Christmas window decorations or arrange them around your hanging decorations.
  • Add some fake snow to the corners of your windows. 

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