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Inspiration for decoration

DIY decoration: Easy crafts, great look!

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When it comes to brightening up a room, nothing beats DIY decoration. This guide has ideas and tutorials for easy wall decoration crafts, and also shows you how to make your own table decorations with just a few basic materials.

DIY decoration: Ideas for easy wall decoration crafts

Looking for easy wall decoration crafts? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Paper flowers or pinwheels. Colourful paper crafts are perfect for brightening up your walls. Some are very simple to make, and there are lots of templates and tutorials online.
  • Accessories as art. Experiment with creative ways to display hats, scarves, jewellery or other accessories.
  • Spell out a message. Wire, rope or paint are just a few materials you can use to write a word or short phrase on the wall.
  • Make a mirror or picture frame. You can use all kinds of materials, such as mosaics, bamboo sticks, and even bottle caps.

The possibilities are endless. Best of all, many wall decoration crafts are incredibly simple to create.

Build a stylish shelf from ice cream sticks

DIY decoration doesn’t get much easier (or cheaper) than this! Here’s how to build a unique, upcycled shelf using ice cream sticks – perfect for displaying small plants or ornaments.

  1. Prepare a hexagon template. Draw a hexagon shaped template on paper using a pencil and ruler. Each side of the hexagon should be the length of an ice cream stick.
  2. Arrange and glue the first layer of ice cream sticks. Lay out three sticks – one on the top left, one the one top right and one on the bottom edge of the hexagon. Add a drop of Loctite Super Glue Liquid Control to the ends of the sticks. Then attach the next three sticks to complete the layer.
  3. Repeat the process. Continue adding overlapping layers of sticks. Make sure the glue is dry before you move on to the next layer. The thickness of the shelf is up to you, but we recommend a minimum of 15 layers.
  4. Add a wax finish. Use a brush and a bottle of wax wood finish to make your shelf shine. Be sure to cover the entire surface of the shelf.

Your handmade shelf is ready! Attach a picture hanger to put it up, or simply hang the shelf over a couple of nails on the wall.

How to make your own table decorations

Making table decoration crafts is simple. If you’re planning a dinner and searching for inspiration, here’s some food for thought:

  • Creative containers. Bottles, jars, teapots, teacups, planters and even terrariums are some examples.
  • Pumpkins or pineapples as pots. Use a large, carved-out fruit or vegetable as a pot or vase.
  • Jazz up a jar. Wrap a container in colourful paper or ribbon to create a more interesting container for food or floral displays.
  • Stay seasonal. Using in-season fruit or flowers as your centrepiece will help to create a theme, which you can use as the base for the rest of your decoration, or even your menu.
  • Pen and paper. Cut up strips of paper, wrap them around a pen to curl them, and display the strips in an attractive bowl or container. This interactive DIY decoration allows guests to write messages to be read aloud later. It could also be used for a party game.

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