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1-minute epoxy: Fix it fast

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When you need to make a heavy-duty repair in a matter of seconds, it’s time for a 1-minute epoxy. Read our guide to find out why this special epoxy is a great addition to your DIY arsenal.

1-minute epoxy: What it’s good for?

In many instances we’re strapped for time. That’s why you can’t go wrong with a 1-minute epoxy glue from Loctite. This adhesive is ideal when you only have a short time to make long-lasting repairs. Unlike most 2-part epoxy glues, there’s no need to mix the two parts as the syringe applicator applies the same amount of both parts for a super quick and easy application. Loctite’s 1-minute epoxy glue is water, heat and frost resistant and will work on most materials in just 1 minute. 

1-minute epoxy: Choosing the best one

When it comes to making lightning-fast repairs, Loctite Extreme Epoxy is the right quick epoxy glue for the job. Not only does it start to set after just 1 minute, but it also comes in an easy twin chamber syringe which delivers an equal amount of resin and hardener. What’s more, this 1-minute epoxy glue dry translucent, is heat and frost resistant and can be used to bond with most materials. The cured adhesive can also be sanded, painted or drilled.

Using 1-minute epoxy

Anytime you need to fix something real quick, there’s an easy solution: Loctite Extreme Epoxy. It bonds most materials like plastic, metal, glass, wood and textiles.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Prepare the surfaces. To get the best possible results, use a piece of sandpaper to roughen the surfaces a bit. Then, before you apply the 1-minute epoxy resin, make sure to clean and dry the surfaces thoroughly.
  2. Clear the work surface and put on gloves before opening the 1-minute epoxy glue.
  3. Get ready to apply the 1-minute epoxy glue. Snap off the seal at the end of the syringe and apply one of the static mixing nozzles, pushing it on and twisting it in a clockwise direction (see pack instructions).
  4. Apply the 1-minute epoxy. Carefully apply the adhesive by pressing down the syringe, applying the glue onto one of the surfaces and pressing them together. Clean away any excess or spilled One-minute epoxy glue with methylated spirit.
  5. Hold tight. 1-minute epoxy glue starts to cure after 1 minute and can be handled after 30 minutes. To ensure that the surfaces bond properly, you should secure them with a clamp or find some other way to hold them together until the glue sets.
  6. After use, remove the nozzle by turning in an anti-clockwise direction. Discard the nozzle and apply the black cap to the end of the nozzle for future use.

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          • Loctite Extreme Epoxy Packshot
            LOCTITE Universal 1 Min Epoxy liquid

            LOCTITE Extreme 1 Min Epoxy Glue: Transparent, Instant Mix, Multi-Material!

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