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Choosing the right leather glue for you

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Leather may be tough, but there are times when you’ll need to make a quick repair with leather glue. Regardless of how well you look after your favourite jacket or boots, they’ll likely start showing signs of wear and tear after a while. But rest assured, there’s a glue to fix it.

Leather jackets are tough, but after being worn every single day, you might need to fix fraying or holes with some leather glue.

Leather glue: a strong and flexible adhesive

Thanks to its durability and tough image, leather is a very popular material for jackets, walking boots, everyday shoes and specialist sports equipment. It’s great for all these things as it’s flexible, water-resistant, shiny and timeless. However, its unique natural composition means that if it gets torn or broken it requires a special glue. Leather glue is strong but flexible at the same time.

The best glue for leather shoes

If you’ve broken a strap on one of your leather shoes, or your trusty walking boots have a hole, then you want to use Loctite’s 60 Second All-Purpose glue. This multi-purpose adhesive is extra strong, which means that it can repair and bond virtually any surface. It works well as a flexible glue for leather.

Loctite’s 60 Second All-Purpose glue can even bond non-porous to non-porous materials!

Broken walking boots can be fixed with super glue for leather.

How to fix your leather handbag with leather glue

Sometimes the straps or handles can fall off your handbag. It might seem difficult to fix, but there’s an easy solution in just a few steps with a good super glue for leather.

  1. Prepare the surfaces before you start applying. First, look at both surfaces to make sure they overlap properly and will create a large enough area. 
  2. Clean the surfaces thoroughly with a damp kitchen towel. Both surfaces need to be moist before applying the leather glue; this will help the two surfaces to stick together and create a long-lasting bond.
  3. Apply the leather glue to one of the parts. Loctite’s 60 Second All-Purpose glue is perfect for this, as its non-drip gel formula forms extra strong bonds in just 60 seconds. Simply put the two parts together and press them together firmly until the two surfaces are stuck together in the desired position. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time; with this glue you can still reposition the parts after applying. 
  4. Remove any excess glue immediately. If you’ve applied too much glue, or some has leaked out whilst you were applying pressure to the two parts, then make sure you wipe it off with white spirit. If it’s dried, then you can use a sharp blade to chip it off. Just make sure not to damage the leather in the process.  

Wear latex or nitrile gloves to protect your hands whilst you apply and press down on the glue.

Has the strap fallen off your leather handbag? Just use a good leather adhesive to stick it back on.


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