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Fix glass like a pro

How to fix cracked glass – Mission: Possible

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Broken glass items might look daunting to fix, but with the right glue and our step by step guide, you’ll know how to fix cracked glass and make your champagne glasses look as good as new. So, let’s get going.

How to fix cracked glass

Glass gets cracked in lots of different ways. Whether your tinted bathroom window got hit by a rogue football or a wine glass suffered from a case of butterfingers, it’s good to know how to fix cracked glass. Ideally, you can patch it up by yourself. Here’s how to fix cracks in small windows.

Remove the pieces of cracked glass. Put on some gloves and some goggles and carefully remove all of the broken pieces from the window pane. If you can, take out the entire window seam with the cracked glass in it. Whilst you’re at it, look at how the window has been fitted: does it have gaskets or was it fitted with sealant? This will help you to work out how to remove all of the broken pieces.

Once you’ve got all of the cracked glass pieces, assemble them without glue to work out which part goes where and also to see if you can salvage your window or if you need to buy a new glass pane.

Lightly sand the surfaces you need to glue. This will help the super glue to form a stronger bond. Once you’ve done that, coat one surface with a thin layer of Loctite’s Super Glue Glass and hold the parts together until the glue has set.

Leave the glue to dry properly. You can find the cure time in the instructions. If you need to fit any extra pieces of cracked glass to the already glued parts, we recommend waiting until the super glue has dried properly to avoid adding unnecessary stress.

Remove any excess glass glue using Loctite’s Glue Remover, and gently cut away any unwanted sealant with a sharp knife.

The above process is also applicable for items such as wine glasses of vases. Remember: you cannot fix large window panes with just super glue. For this, you need a proper sealant. Read on to find out more about this.

How to replace window glass

If your window is cracked beyond repair or it’s just too big to simply fix with super glue then you need to know how to replace window glass. This is easier than it looks with the right sealant.

First, scrape away any old sealant and clean the surfaces thoroughly.

Using a caulking gun, apply a line of sealant around the window frame.

Insert the glass pane into the window frame.

Apply more sealant, and re-attach the stops in the window frame. Apply the sealant to the glass around the edges of the frame, and ensure that there is enough to seal over the top of the stop. Push the stops back into place and leave the sealant to dry.

Clean the window frame. Get rid of all unwanted sealant by applying sealant remover and shape the finished sealant by cutting off any excess with a sharp knife.

Choosing the right glue for fixing cracked glass

For small repair jobs involving cracked glass, we recommend using Loctite’s Super Glue Glass. This high-strength super glue forms instant crystal-clear bonds and can bond glass to glass and glass to metal, making it perfect for quick fixes.

Products used

  • Loctite SuperGlue Glass Packshot

    LOCTITE Glass Bond: Perfect for glass repairs! Bonds glass to glass, metal, stained, and tinted glass. Dries transparent for invisible, strong bonds.

  • Loctite Glue Remover Packshot

    LOCTITE Glue Remover: Easily tackles adhesive mishaps! Efficiently removes glues, stains, and labels. Non-drip gel formula for versatile applications.

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