No pain porcelain repair!

How to repair porcelain at home

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Learning how to repair porcelain will help you to fix countless objects around the house. From decorative pieces, to sturdy plant pots, to sinks and even light fixtures, many household objects are made of ceramic and porcelain.

How to repair porcelain: Choosing the right glue

The first step in any repair job is to make sure you have the right glue. When it comes to fixing broken
or chipped porcelain, you need a strong, versatile glue that bonds to porous materials.

For small repairs, like fixing cracks or chips, Loctite Super Glue Power Gel Tube 3g is the perfect choice. This unique, rubber-infused gel super glue forms strong, durable and transparent bonds on porous materials like porcelain. If you need to be very precise, Loctite Super Glue Power Gel Tube 3g comes with an easy grip squeeze bottle and precision nozzle that helps you make accurate repairs in small or hard-to-reach places.

And, if you’re wondering how to repair larger porcelain objects, like sinks or baths, you can use Loctite’s 60 Second All-Purpose Glue which forms extra strong bonds on broken porcelain in just 60 seconds!

How to fix broken porcelain

If you’ve noticed cracks appearing in delicate china cups or in beautiful porcelain figurines there’s no need to despair. Just follow our tips on how to fix broken porcelain to restore your favourite porcelain pieces in no time.

Get everything ready. Clear the area and grab some paper towels and your super glue.

Put on gloves and an apron to ensure you don’t get super glue on your skin or your clothes.

If you do spill excess glue on your skin or clothes, use Loctite’s Glue Remover to get rid of it.

Clean and dry the pieces before pre-fitting them to ensure you have all the pieces and that they fit together.

Apply super glue. Squeeze a drop of super glue onto one of the surfaces, press the surfaces together and leave to dry.

Finish up. Wash your hands and remove any excess glue by scraping it off with a sharp knife or by applying Loctite’s Glue Remover.

How to fix chipped porcelain

Prepare to make the repair. Clear the space and arrange it so that your super glue and paper towels are close to hand.

Clean and dry the chipped surface thoroughly.

Apply super glue. Squeeze a small drop of super glue onto the surface and spread it over the crack. We recommend using Loctite’s Super Glue Liquid Brush On which has a brush applicator for maximum coverage.

With its new formula, Loctite Super Glue Liquid is resistant to water and dishwashers and can withstand shock and temperatures from -50°C up to 120°C. So it’s perfect for long-lasting repairs!

Leave the porcelain to dry before removing any excess glue with a paper towel dipped in Loctite Glue Remover.

Clean the surface and wash your hands.


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