How to repair a shoe

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Follow our step by step application guide:

In an emergency reheeling or resoling situation, Loctite's high performance Super Glue Liquid with Brush On applicator is ideal for shoe repairs and lightening fast results, helping you to get more mileage from that treasured pair of shoes. The convenient brush applicator allows you to easily spread the glue over larger or irregular shaped surfaces. It has been developed to form resilient and flexible bonds on porous surfaces. It then dries transparent to form an invisible bond and the high strength formula gives long lasting durability. 

1. Ensure the two surfaces to be joined are close fitting, clean and completely dry.

2. Carefully spread a thin, even layer of glue onto one of the surfaces to be joined. Press both surfaces together firmly and hold.

3. Do not move the surfaces until set. Don’t worry if there is some excess glue seeping out, this can be easily removed once dry (see point 5).

4. Allow at least 1-2 hours to dry before wearing. For best results leave overnight.

5. Once dry, if there is any excess residue, gently wipe with a tissue dipped in Loctite Glue Remover or nail varnish remover containing acetone.

6. Replace the cap immediately and store the glue upright in a cool dry place.


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