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From dreary to dreamy

Upcycling garden ideas for every garden

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If you want to upgrade your garden, check out these upcycling garden ideas. Not only is upcycling garden furniture a great way to save money and the environment, but it’s also fun and easy!

Upcycled garden furniture: Getting started

Upcycled garden furniture can look just as good as new garden furniture. You could start by upcycling a garden bench or you could try making an upcycled garden table. All you need to get started is an old bench or table, some strong glue and wood stain in the colour of your choice.

Upcycling a garden bench

Once you’ve found a bench that you’d like to upcycle for your garden, you’re ready to get going: 

  1. Remove old paint using a chemical-based paint stripper or a sander. Check first that the paint is not lead-based.   
  2. Continue sanding. Once you’ve removed the paint, sand it down even more with some precision sandpaper so that it’s ready for painting.
  3. Cover the bench in wood primer if you plan to paint it afterwards.  This will ensure your paint lasts longer. Do not prime if staining. 
  4. Apply paint or stain. Wait for it to dry.
  5. Fix and decorate.  Use Loctite Extreme Glue to glue any broken pieces back together. You can also  use this glue to decorate – you could glue on pebbles, wooden pieces or even make a mosaic with pieces of ceramic. Allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours.  
  6. Add the finishing touches. Once you’ve finished upcycling the garden bench, you can decorate the surrounding area with plant pots and wind chimes.      

Products used

  • LOCTITE Extreme Glue

    LOCTITE Extreme Glue: Fast, Brutal, PersistentThis powerful, all-purpose adhesive is here for all your bonding needs.

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