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Loctite All Purpose

Features and Benefits

Need a glue for your new DIY project? Get the job done with Loctite All-Purpose Extra Strong Glue – clear, flexible, ideal for large areas!

This powerful, all-purpose adhesive is here for all your bonding needs. The strong initial hold of the glue combined with the long-lasting performance ensures effective bonds for a range of needs. The liquid glue – based on a flexible technology – allows the adhesive to be spread over a large area and can be used on a range of materials including wood, metal, steel, stone, ceramics, glass, textiles, plastics*, polystyrene foam. The high-quality bonding glue promises fast results with a high-initial strength and the final bonding strength complete after 24 hours.
Product Benefits at a Glance:
• High strength
• Fast initial strength
• Reaches final strength after 24 hours
• Works on both flexible and rigid materials
• Good for big surfaces due to the liquid formula
• Colour: Colourless, transparent
* (except PE/PP).

  • Perfect for larger surfaces - this All-Purpose glue is perfect for larger surface areas, as it has a longer drying time, which allows for extra repositioning.
  • Suitable for a range of surfaces - works on a variety of materials such as wood, plastics, canvas, PVC, paper, cardboard, felt, leather, fabric, cork and most plastics.

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Loctite All Purpose