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Super Glue Glass

Features and Benefits

Instant, crystal clear bonds that are water and dishwasher-resistant.

Formulated to work on all types of glass.

Recommended on:

Glass, Crystal, Tinted Glass, Glass Works, Opaque Glass, Blown Glass.


  • Bonds glass to glass
  • Glass to metal
  • Stained glass
  • Crystal and tinted glass
  • Water and dishwasher resistant
  • Bonds in seconds
  • Dries transparent for invisible bonds
  • Easy to open, self-piercing and anti-clog cap
  • Solvent-free

Step by Step


  1. Ensure surfaces to be joined are clean, completely dry and close fitting.

  2. Twist cap clockwise until it locks, then unscrew in an anti-clockwise direction to open.

  3. Carefully squeeze a small drop onto one surface. Press the surfaces together and hold until set.

  4. Replace the cap immediately and store upright in a cool dry place.