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60 Sec. All-Purpose Glue

Features and Benefits

Loctite 60 Seconds all-purpose glue bonds in just 60 seconds

No more waiting and no more clamping! It is extra strong, fast and repositionable, making it excellent for all your repairs at home, even including larger surfaces. It is solvent-free and dries transparent and allows you to reposition within 40 seconds making it ideal for repairs at home. It works on multiple materials and thanks to its non-drip gel formula it is easy for vertical applications.

  • High strength - Allowing it to build up strength to withstand heavy loads
  • Repositionable - Within 40 seconds of starting your repair you can reposition

Recommended on:

China, Porcelain, Metal, Rubber, Leather, Wood, Plastic (except PE/PP), Paper.

Available sizes:

60 Sec. All-Purpose Glue

    Step by Step

    1. Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean, completely dry and close-fitting.

    2. Twist the cap/nozzle clockwise onto the tube and remove the cap.

    3. Carefully apply the glue on one surface. Press the surfaces together, reposition it as you wish, then press with strong and even pressure for few seconds and leave it undisturbed for 60 seconds.

    4. Clean the nozzle, replace the cap and store upright in a cool dry place.