Super speed, super strength

The superpowers of super glue gel

Broken toy? Shattered glass? Cracked plastic? Whatever the problem, super glue gel can fix it. Find out why Loctite super glue gel is a DIY essential, perfect for making quick repairs at home.

How to use super glue gel

Super glue gel is an extremely strong adhesive made from cyanoacrylate gel. It is ideal for all kinds of materials and objects, but always double-check the product instructions before use and make sure that it’s suitable for your particular project. Every super glue has different properties – some are waterproof, for example, while others have a special non-drip formula or other features, making them especially suited for certain kinds of jobs.

When you’re sure that you’ve chosen the right gel type super glue, here’s what you do next.

  1. Protect your skin. Wear gloves to avoid getting glue on your skin.
  2. Apply the glue. Apply a small, even amount to each surface.
  3. Press the surfaces together firmly. If necessary, keep the surfaces pressed together using a clamp, or weigh them down using a heavy object such as a book.
  4. Wait for the glue to cure. Remember that just because the glue seems dry, it doesn’t mean the object is ready to use. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the full cure time, and avoid using the object until the glue is cured.

Accidentally spilled a bit of glue on your skin or clothes? No problem! Use Loctite Glue Remover to easily get rid of super glue. Avoid accidents by using a glue with a more precise dispenser, such as Loctite Super Glue Liquid Control.

Loctite super glue gels: Strength and control

Loctite super glue gels are super strong and super resistant. They’re also quick and easy to use, and surprisingly versatile. Most Loctite super glues can be used on almost any material.

Loctite Super Glue Liquid Control is perfect when you need to be precise. If you’re working with something a bit fiddly or hard to reach areas, this super glue gel allows for greater precision thanks to its special formula and range of applicators. It’s also waterproof as well as resistant to shock and extreme temperatures.

Working with flexible materials and vertical surfaces can be tricky, but they are an easy fix with Loctite Super Glue Power Flex Control. It creates high strength, resistant bonds even on materials that need to move and bend. The bottle and nozzle are designed for easy use and precise application. It takes just a few minutes to make a long lasting repair that can cope with extreme weather and shock.