Remove super glue in minutes

Leave no trace: How to remove super glue from surfaces

Wondering how to remove super glue? It’s easier than you think! Just follow the simple steps in our tutorial and learn how to get super glue off any surface in a matter of minutes.

How to remove super glue from metal

You need to remove glue residue from metal surfaces such as steel and aluminium? The combination of super glue and a robust material like metal might sound like a challenge, but it can be done. Here’s how:

  1. Clean the surface. Use a damp cloth.
  2. Apply acetone. Use a cotton ball soaked in pure acetone or nail varnish remover, and press it against the glue. Once it’s dissolved, it should be easy to wipe away.
  3. Alternatively, try scraping away the glue. Use a putty knife or razor blade.

If you need something a bit stronger, use methylated spirits, lighter fluid, or hydrogen peroxide instead of acetone.


If you’ve spilled some glue on painted metal, clean the surface first, then apply a spray lubricant and wait for it to soak in. Use a dull edge to scrape off the glue.

How to remove super glue from plastic

Getting glue off plastic is straightforward. Soak a cloth in vegetable oil or skin moisturiser and rub it against the glue. Wait for the substance to soak in, and then clean the surface. White vinegar also works well: soak the area in vinegar, then remove the glue with a dull edge such as a spatula.


How to remove super glue from glass

Removing super glue stains from glass requires a bit of experimentation – try substances such as nail varnish remover, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), vinegar, or oil. After saturating the glued area, gently scrape the glue away with a scouring pad.

How to remove super glue from fabric

Fabrics can be tricky as they’re often delicate. Here’s how to get super glue off fabric without damaging the material.

  1. Gently scrape off as much glue as possible.
  2. Leave the fabric to soak in cold water overnight.
  3. Pour a small amount of liquid laundry detergent onto the glue. Then rub it into the glue with a soft brush.
  4. Wash the fabric in warm water.

If a stubborn stain persists, you can try a cotton ball soaked in acetone; rub it gently against the stain, then wash the fabric in warm water again.

Loctite Glue Remover is effective on fabrics, and can also be used on a wide range of surfaces. It even works on skin!