You’d best be-leaf it!

Leaves for crafts: Autumn’s creative gifts

Whether you want a creative way to keep yourself entertained or some nature items to decorate with, leaves for crafts are the perfect solution this autumn. We’ve got some easy DIY ideas for fall decorations made from natural materials such as leaves and pumpkins.

Leaves for crafts: Artwork made from natural materials

With autumn almost upon us, we’re already having to think of new ways to stay entertained as days grow shorter and the temperature drops significantly. One bonus of this seasonal change: tree leaves shine in all sorts of wonderful colours and fall to the ground. When they do, you can not only enjoy a nice walk to gather them, but then bring them home and turn them into wonderful crafts made from nature.

Leaf artwork: Homemade autumn bunting

When the air gets colder and light is slowly fading, we are more likely to be celebrating indoors over the coming months, so decorations that instill the party spirit are a must-have. And there’s nothing that inspires the festive spirit quite like bunting. Read on to find out how to make your own bunting using colourful leaves and book pages.

  1. Gather. Collect a good range and volume of leaves from different trees, such as birch, beech, hazel and sycamore.
  2. Dry. If there has been any recent rain, dry your leaves out in a warm place, such as an airing cupboard.
  3. Cut. For a unique look for your bunting, take pages from an old book and cut them into pennants by cutting out a triangular shape at the bottom of each page. Remember to leave enough extra length at the top to fold over.
  4. Glue. Apply a few small dabs of adhesive to one of your leaves and glue it to the centre of one of the pennants. Repeat for every pennant and leave to dry.
  5. String. Lay all the pennants out next to each other upside down, with around 10 centimetres between each one. Lay a length of string across them, leaving around three centimetres from the top of each pennant. Apply glue to the upper part of the pennant, then fold it over the string and press down. Repeat until all pennants are attached to the string. Leave your DIY bunting to dry.
  6. Hang. After the glue has fully dried, hang your new bunting wherever you want to bring a taste of autumnal beauty inside your home.

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Crafts from natural materials: Showcase pumpkin

With Halloween right around the corner, leaves are the perfect way to enhance your pumpkins and make them stand out from the norm.

  1. Gather. Collect colourful, different sized leaves from a variety of trees. Larger leaves, such as elder, horse chestnut and sycamore will work well, along with some greenery such as fern and yew.
  2. Dry. If the leaves seem moist, place them in an airing cupboard and leave them to dry for a bit. Make sure the leaves do not get brittle.
  3. Paint. Although this works fine with regular orange pumpkins, painting them off-white or cream provides a great canvas for your leaves. To make the leaves really stand out, you can spray paint them in bold colours, such as gold and silver.
  4. Glue. After you’ve decided where you’d like your leaves to go, apply glue to the back of each one, one at a time, and press it down flat to the surface of the pumpkin. For an even stronger bond, brush glue on top of the leaves too – but make sure your glue dries transparent.

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