From DIY dream to DIY reality

DIY furniture for your dream home

Upcycling and DIY furniture may seem complicated but trust us, all you need are good quality materials, the right glue and some creativity. Some building centres even sell do-it-yourself furniture kits to get you started. So, now’s the time to stop dreaming about it and get stuck in.

DIY furniture the easy way

Chances are you’ve already seen a number of cool DIY furniture projects that you’d like to try. That’s great, but we recommend that you build up your confidence with a nice easy project first.

Better yet, why not start with a do-it-yourself furniture kit from your building centre? This way, you can start off with all of the pieces you need and get a feel for building furniture before attempting more complicated projects.

A great place to start is with DIY furniture from pallets. You can build benches, coffee tables, DIY furniture for your garden and more with pallets and because of their rustic look, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

For any DIY patio furniture you make, you can add another level of comfort with some upholstered cushions. You might also want to refinish your new pieces of furniture by painting them or giving them a trendy distressed look. You can also upcycle some old wicker furniture by gluing any loose wicker back into place and spray-painting it and there you have it – some cool do-it-yourself wicker furniture.

If you’re not quite ready to try DIY furniture for your home, you could start with some do-it-yourself dollhouse furniture instead and then scale up.

Choosing the right glue for DIY furniture

The most important thing you will need for any DIY furniture project, aside from the materials, is the right glue! When choosing the right glue for your project, you will need to ensure that the glue bonds to all of the materials you’re using. Here are some essential points you should consider:

  • If you’re making a sofa out of pallets and metal hinges, you need to ensure that the glue bonds to metal and wood.
  • If you want to paint your DIY furniture, you should look for a paintable glue.
  • And lastly, if you’re making DIY furniture for your garden, you should make sure that the glue is suitable for outdoor use.

How to make a DIY coffee table

Buy/collect the following things:

  • three wooden pallets
  • saw
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • some nails
  • pair of pliers
  • sandpaper
  • wood stain and paintbrush
  • drill
  • trolley wheels
  • some screws
  • some round-head square-neck bolts
  • construction adhesive/wood glue

Before you start, prepare the area for your DIY project: Make sure you have enough space, ventilation and put on some gloves and safety goggles!

Measure the pallet to make a table top. If the pallet is too big for the space you want to use it in, then saw it in half.
Remove extra slats from a second pallet. To do this, pry off the slats using a hammer and a screwdriver and remove any nails with pliers. If the slats are too long, you may need to saw them to size.
Fill in the gaps with the new slats. Cover the table top area with the extra slats until it is filled in completely. Once you’re happy with the placement, fix the additional slats in place with some nails.
Use the third pallet to make some legs. See the photo below to see where to saw the third pallet.

Add some reinforcements under the table top. Pry an extra two slats off your third pallet, cut them to size and attach these lengthways underneath the slats you’ve nailed onto the table top. These support slats should run perpendicular to the slats you already have.
Paint and treat the surfaces. Use sandpaper to smooth down the surfaces and smooth off any rough edges. Then paint the tabletop, the legs, and the reinforcing slats with the wood stain.
Attach the pieces together. You can attach everything together with a strong glue or you can use a drill to put some holes into your new table and put in the round-head square-neck bolts, washers, and nuts.
Attach trolley wheels. Work out where to put them, drill some holes and then screw the wheels into place.