Go bonkers with conkers

Conker crafts to try at home this autumn

Autumn is the season for conkers and, if you’re feeling creative, conker crafts. Read on for some easy DIY decoration ideas, so you can have fun with conker art and activities.

Ideas for crafts with conkers

It’s that time of year again – conkers are everywhere. But believe it or not, conker collection isn’t just for kids!

If you want to have fun with some DIY decoration, keep an eye out for fallen conkers. These beautiful, glossy brown seeds can be used for all kinds of conker crafts. Whether you want to make animals, jewellery, or decorations for your Christmas tree, the list of conker activities is endless.

When you combine conkers with twigs, leaves and other natural materials, you can turn your conkers into almost anything. The easiest way to make crafts with conkers is to drill holes and thread some string through them to transform your conkers into necklaces, or friendly snakes or worms for your kids.

Materials for conker crafts

When it comes to conker arts and crafts you don’t need very much – just a handful (or more) of conkers, some rope or string, wire, and super glue. You could also decorate your conker crafts with other natural materials like pinecones, dried berries or flowers. The choice is yours.

Did you know the origin of the name? The word “conker” probably derives from the French word “conch” as the game of conkers used to be played with shells on string instead of horse chestnuts.

You can make all kinds of ornaments and other conker arts and crafts by sticking the conkers and other materials together with glue. It’s important to choose the right glue; think about the different materials that you want to stick together, and select a suitable adhesive.

If you need a glue that is precise and easy to apply, try Loctite Super Glue Perfect Pen. This strong liquid super glue comes in an easy squeeze pen-shaped bottle with a precision nozzle. It’s also suitable for almost all materials.

If you’re making something heavier with your conkers, we recommend using Loctite 60 Second All-Purpose Glue as it forms extra strong bonds with all kinds of materials. It also dries transparently, and pieces can be repositioned up to 60 seconds after application.

How to make a wreath with conker crafts

There’s nothing more autumnal than a beautiful wreath for your home. Here’s how to decorate your home with conker art:

  1. Get ready. Clear your workspace and gather everything you need. You will need some conkers, wire, super glue and decorative pieces like dried flowers, berries, ribbons, and beads. You will also need a strong pin or needle so you can make holes.
  2. Put holes in your conkers. Use a strong pin to make a small hole that goes all the way through each conker. 
  3. String the conkers and other decorative material onto the wire. Thread each conker carefully onto the wire. You can twist and bend the wire into all kinds of shapes, and you can even add some fun decorative features to the wreath by layering several pieces of wire on top of each other. 
  4. Glue on your decorations. Use a strong glue like Loctite 60 Second All-Purpose Glue to glue on the heavier decorative pieces and a precise super glue like Loctite Super Glue Perfect Pen to attach small, delicate pieces.

If you want to hang up your wreath, try Loctite Kintsuglue, a strong adhesive putty which can be moulded into hooks.