How to repair a broken shoe heel?

How to repair a broken shoe heel?

If a high heel of your favorite shoes break, don't panic! With Super Glue Perfect Pen you can do a precise and ivisible repair in a few seconds. The pen-shaped device has a pressure - sensitive system, especially designed to ensure easy dosage in a continuous line or small dots, allowing precise application on even the narrowest surfaces. The non-dripping system will prevent accidental glue run-on. It is as easy as using a pen!

Follow our step by step application guide:

  1. Ensure that the two surfaces are close fitting, clean and completely dry.

  2. Gently press the rubber panels on the device and apply a continuous line of glue, following the outline of the surface, trying not to get too close to the edge.
    Tip: If part of the leather / fabric is folded over the surface of the heel, apply the glue over it for best results.

  3. Press immediately both parts together and hold. In a few seconds the 2 parts will be bonded.
    Tip: For best results, we recommend to wait 24 hours before you put on your shoes.

  4. Replace the cap immediately and store the glue in a cool dry place.


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